Gul Hassan Kalmatti is a prolific Researcher, Historian, Anthropologist, Social and Human Rights activist, Writer and progressive intellectual. He has 10 well researched books on various topics to his credit.

Gul Hassan Kalmatti born in Haji Arzi Baloch Village, Gadap, District Malir, Karachi, Sindh. Mr. Kalmatti was first educated in Radho Jokhio Village Primary School and he passed his Matriculation from Murad Memon Secondary School, Memon Goth Malir. He acquired a B.A from SM Arts College Karachi and obtained Master in Journalism (Mass.Com) and Diploma in local government from Karachi University. During college life he joined NSF (Dr. Rasheed Group), fall of NSF he joined BSO and national movement of Sindh.

He is author of nine books of history and travelogue one book translated renowned writer and broadcaster Raza Ali Abdi’s book “Sher Darya” in Sindhi. He participates in programs and talk shows on a numbers of different T.V channels and documentaries, he has writing blogs for social media. Kalmatti regularly contributes articles and feature to newspapers and magazines.

Kalmatti is a founder member of Indigenous Rights Alliance and member of Arts Council of Pakistan for Karachi. Kalmatti has received many awards and honors.

Gul Hassan Kalmatti’s personalities itself is a true reflection of Sindh spatially capital of Sindh Karachi, its culture, heritage, history and civilization.

Kalmatti a travelogue historian he travels all around Sindh, Balochistan, Seraiki Waseeb, Punjab and Northern Areas of Pakistan. He also visits coastal islands of Sindh and with Dr. Rukhman Gul Palari to all those sites where Shah Abdul Lafif Bhittai had travelled. They travelled Bhambhore to Kech path of Sussui, Sehwen Sharif to Lahoot Shah Noorani  (Lahootiyan Jee Wat) and Ganjo Takar to Hinglach Nani Mandar.

He travels surrounding of Karachi Kohistan with Anwar Pirzado, Badar Abro, Kalim Lashari, Ishtiaq Ansari, Dr. Rukhman Gul Palari and Zulfiqar Kalhoro.

Badar Abro wrote about Gul Hassan Kalmatti “Gul Hassan Kalmatti gave a new style, new taste and flavor to introduced new trend in history writing and readers like Kalmatti’s this style of history writing and new many historian adopt Kalmatti style of writing.”

He loves of his Mother Land, Culture, Art, Rivers, Mountains, Valleys, Archaeology, Architecture, Heritage, Coast, Indus Delta and old trade routes.


Primary:  G.B.P School Radho Jokhio Village Gadap Karachi – 1968

Middle: G.B. Middle School Konkar Village Gadap Karachi – 1971

Matriculation:  G.B. Secondary School Murad Memon Malir Karachi – 1973 (2nd Division)

Intermediate:S.M Arts College Karachi – 1976 (1st Division)

B.A:  S.M. Arts College Karachi – 1978 (1st Division)

Master of Arts: Concentration in Journalism (Mass Communication) From University of Karachi- 1983 (2nd Division

Master of Arts: Concentration in Sindhi Literature From University of Karachi- 1985 (1st Division)

Post Graduate Diploma: In Local Government & Administration, From University of Karachi- 1997 (1st Division)


One month Course in “Development & Administration” from 29th September, 1985 to 26th October, 1985. Sindh Government Rural          Development Academy Tando Jam.

One week Course in “The Concept of Integrated Rural Development in Agrarian Economics” from 13th September, 1987 to 17th September. 1987 National Center of Rural Development (N.C.R.D) Islamabad.

One week Course in “Public Relations in Local Government” from 27th October, 1996 to 30th September, 1996. Municipal Training and Research Institute, Government of Pakistan Clifton, Karachi.

4 days workshop in “Building Capacity in Budgeting” from 29th            November, 2004 to 2nd December, 2004. Decentralization Support Program.

Social Activities :

Member of “Arts Council of Pakistan” Karachi

Founder Member of “Malir Press Club”.

Founder of “Karachi Rural Network”.    (KRN)

Founder of “Shah Latif Library” Haji Arzi Baloch Village Gadap             Karachi.

Founder of “Peace Social Welfare” & “Baloch Star Cricket Club”         Gadap.

Founder Member “Gadap Social Welfare Organization” Karachi.

District Council Karachi “Polio Vaccination” organizer and Management 1995 to 2000.

Produce and Present a Documentary about Drinking Water crises in Karachi “Sindhu Hondhy Peyaasa Manhu” 1992.