Karachi Joo Rehaishi Scheemo


Tittle:  Karachi Joo Rehaishi Scheemo

Language: Sindhi

Author: Gul Hassan Kalmatti


Price: Rs.50 (PKR)

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Karachi’s Housing Schemes in this booklet two important chapters, chapter “Development or Destruction”  construction of Bahria Town Karachi and the future of Sindh, in this article  discussing the land illegal allotted to Bahria Town Karachi and its impact (Socio-economic-ecosystem-environment) of this allotment briefly discussed.

The way in which Bahria Town and other similar mega projects are displacing the indigenous people demolishing their villages and destroying their economic resources how they justify it in the name of development..?  It is destruction of trade, livelihood, rivers, routes mountains, graveyard and historical places.

In Chapter two Housing Schemes in Karachi, in this chapter discussed history of housing schemes developed ind Karachi by KDA from 1947 till date.


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